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Michael "Booster" Jon Carter
21 December 2020 @ 12:37 am
Justice League Sirocco is currently headquartered at 6040 Jubilee Road. The location is public, highly advertised knowledge, and anyone in need of Heroic Services is encouraged to drop by, as there will always be at least one Leaguer on the premises at all times (Booster will refer to these "hang out at HQ for X hours" shifts as monitor duty despite the fact that nothing is actually being monitored and yes he will also be taking shifts despite his technical retirement). A public stockpile of anemoi is also kept on the premises. It's locked up for security reasons, but the key is kept with whoever happens to be on monitor duty at the time, and people are welcome to donate or withdraw anemoi by simply asking them about it.

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Michael "Booster" Jon Carter
25 September 2020 @ 08:34 pm
Name: AF
Personal LJ: hotandcoldrp
Contact Info: AIM: DecepticonAF; e-mail: decepticonaf@aol.com; Plurk: hotandcoldaf

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Housing: Room 315

Job: Coach at a local gym, JLS's... everything.

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